Rating System

(I'm going to have a little fun here.)

If you're wondering how I feel about a book when I give it a certain rating, I have taken the trouble of compiling a small guide for you. :)

1 out of 5-Get out of my sight! You're ruining the view. 
gifs, funny

2 out of 5-Not really bad, but not good. May produce this reaction after reading. 
Don Draper shocked

3 out of 5-Not too good, not too bad. Acceptable. Okay.

4 out 5-Slightly flawed. But in the end,
Comes close to perfect, but not quite. (source)

5 out of 5-I know there's no such thing as "perfect," but . . . 

So don't ever leave me, or I would be reduced to saying  . . .

source  for both

Also, when a review has an extra .5 or another decimal included, I would mention why I thought it deserved that extra point. Some older reviews may not have this. 


I'm always interested to hear people's thoughts! Feel free to include links to your blog, because it's nice meeting new book bloggers.