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I review books in the YA genre. I may not always review a book I've read, because I may not feel like it. I make sure that my reviews are as honest as possible.

If I write a negative review, it does not mean I intend to be mean. Reviews reflect my feelings about a book, and if a book was bad, then I would write a review about what I disliked about it.

rating system

If you're wondering what a certain rating means, you can view my rating system complete with GIFs and images that I think accurately show my feelings for the rating here.

to authors and publishers

Thank you for being interested in the blog! I would be happy to receive ARCs or join any blog tours. 

This is a YA book blog, and as such, I only review YA titles, but I may consider Middle Grade or NA books if I find them interesting. I'm fond of reading paranormal, fantasy, dystopias, and contemporaries. I don't mind other genres as well, as long as the book is good, except for non-fiction, horror, self-help, erotica, and books that focus solely on religion.

I will willingly accept ebooks, in formats that are accepted by the Kindle. Although, any physical copies are preferred and given more priority. 

Please take note that even though I may have accepted the ARC/book, that does not guarantee a review. I do my best to read and review books as quickly as possible, but it may take weeks. If you want the review for the book up on the blog during a certain period, please say so in your request. If there's none, I'll post it a week before the publication date, depending on my post schedule and whether or not I think many bloggers would be posting reviews for the book on that same period. 

You can send me an email through this address. Please include: 
  • title and the author
  • the cover
  • the book's synopsis
  • an small excerpt of the book (this is important for me, because if I haven't heard of your book before, I want to have a piece of writing to judge)
  • date you would like me to post my review 
  • link for the book on Goodreads
I don't accept sequels or other books in a series. I'm sorry, but I find that it's confusing and my heart just isn't into it. 


Blog tours: I would be very willing to join any blog tours, so long as the book is one I've read before, or doesn't fall under one of the genres I dislike. 

Interviews and guest posts: If the interview/guest post is for a book I haven't read before, I would really appreciate it if a copy of the book/an eBook version is available for me to read so I can do the interview/guest post properly. 

Giveaways: I'm willing to accept any themed swag, physical ARCs, or etc. for giveaways. Please send me an email with a photo of the item/s and a description of what the items are so I can describe it in my post. 

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